The Paragon Gym was founded in 1997 by World Champion Kickboxing brothers, Jonathan, Stuart and Alex Lawson. The concept was to provide a friendly environment where people at all levels could join us on a quest to grow physically and mentally through kickboxing and boxing.

What is Paragon Gym committed to?

We are committed to inspire and motivate individuals, to help them learn effective fighting techniques, discipline and control, whilst developing fitness and self-confidence. We welcome students from kickboxing beginner or boxing beginner level, looking for a safe learning experience, to competition-standard students/ fighters. Most importantly, we value the diverse group of people that we share the club with, regardless of their technical ability or social status. Paragon focuses on community values and mutual respect through positive actions.

Why training at Paragon?

Our knowledge and guidance are essential resources when preparing for combat sports competition or as a last resort self-defence. Our trainers have years of experience and between us we cover various martial arts arenas, including competing in and training students for championships.

Does your boxing/ kickboxing club do gradings?

Here at Paragon we have our own grading system based on traditional martial arts belt systems. At our club, students can achieve red belt (after levels 1-3 foundation courses), purple belt (intermediate), blue belt (advanced), brown belt (proficient) and finally a black belt (expert). The grading itself is different for each level and each time. The grading ceremony is widely celebrated at Paragon - we’re always very proud of our students developing their kickboxing and boxing skills to the next levels!

What does Paragon club look like?

Our kickboxing and boxing gym is located in the basement of Walker House in Shoreditch - the very same place it was founded in over 24 years ago! After walking down a short flight of stairs, we have a reception area and two changing rooms with shower facilities and a first matted dojo - this one is often used by our students for warm-ups, stretching, solo practice or 1-on-1 sessions with our trainers. After the first dojo, you will enter the main training area - the second matted dojo with mirrored walls - where most of our boxing and kickboxing classes take place. At the back of the training area (dojo), we have a boxing ring. We also have a varied selection of gym equipment and weights to aid the physical and mental development of our students.

Enjoy your journey.

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Please feel free to send us a message or call us on 0203 417 8910 with any questions. We’re here to help!