When are the beginner kickboxing classes held at your London location?


10 Jan  Mon & Wed 7.15 - 8.15pm 8 week course £200
25 Jan Tues & Thurs 6.00 - 7.00pm 6 week course £150
 As a special offer, if you sign up to either course for an extra £50 you can buy a pair of our leather boxing gloves and a pair of handwraps.
The course also includes a Saturday catch up class at 12.30pm

Level 2 KB will begin Tuesday 4th Jan with a class at 6pm and at 8.30pm. It is an 8 week course costing £200

Level 3 KB will begin Tuesday 4th Jan at 8.30pm. It  is an 8 week course costing £200

What is being taught at the beginner kickboxing classes at your London location?

At Paragon we teach western style kickboxing – at your beginner’s course, you will learn the basic moves and techniques from our carefully selected kickboxing teachers, specialising in tutoring beginners. We pride ourselves on our safe and friendly environment with a 50/50 gender ratio.

What are some kickboxing moves and techniques I will learn at the beginner course?

The foundation of the western kickboxing are such moves and techniques, as:
- Punches: jab, cross, hook, upper-cut, up-jab, spinning back fist, etc.
- Kicks: front-kick, roundhouse, side-kick, hook-kick, axe kick, spinning-hook-kick, spinning-back-kick, and many more variations! As a beginner, you will also learn at our sessions relevant sweeps used in kickboxing.

How are the beginners kickboxing courses structured?

We run a beginner 8-week course and a 6-week course. Both courses include two classes per week, with an additional bonus 12.30pm class every Saturday – included in your beginners course fee. Please see top of this page for the beginner classes timetable and pricing.

At the end of your course, you will progress into the Level 2 and then Level 3 classes, after which there is a Red Belt grading for all level 3 class members. Having achieved the Red Belt, you will be able to attend all other kickboxing classes at Paragon. Please see the kickboxing page for more details.

What different levels of beginner kickboxing classes are held at Paragon?

We have three foundation kickboxing courses here at Paragon, starting from beginners level 1 and then levels 2 and 3. In level 1 we will teach you all basic moves and techniques, laying in a solid foundation for your kickboxing journey. The timetable and pricing of the Level 1 classes is at the top of this page.We also have Level 2 and Level 3 courses for those who complete the Level 1 training and want to continue. Further progression routes at Paragon’s system will become open to you including the progression into the purple, blue, brown and black belts (these belts are optional, and you can continue training without them).

Do beginners need special equipment?

At the very beginning of your kickboxing course, all you will need is a pair of gloves – you can either use communal gloves provided by Paragon gym for the use of our students or purchase your own. We also sell gloves and all other kickboxing related equipment at our gym reception.

What is the demographic of your kickboxing beginner courses at Paragon?

We have a great combination of different ages at our kickboxing beginner courses – most of our students are in their 20s to 40s, but we also have a good number of people at either side of this bracket. Moreover, our gender demographic is currently 50/50 men to women ratio.

Are Paragon’s beginner kickboxing classes near me?

Depends if you live in the eastern or central part of London! Paragon Gym is located by the Boundary Street, E2, which means it is conveniently reachable by several public transport amenities. We are walking distance from main Shoreditch/ Hoxton/ Old Street stations, as well as a few-minutes by bus to the City (Liverpool Street, Bank), as well as Bethnal Green or Dalston.

Here are some transport tips to our gym from a few London locations: The Paragon Gym is in the basement of the Walker House, 6-8 Boundary Street, Shoreditch, London E2 7JE.

Getting here from The City - Bank, Moorgate, Liverpool Street, London Wall

You can either take the bus route 26 (Hackney Wick) or route 8 (Bow Church) and alight at the Shoreditch High Street/ Bethnal Green stop. From here, it’s just a 3 minutes walk to our kickboxing gym! Total journey time: about 12 minutes.

Alternatively, take the tube - Northern Line from Bank or Moorgate to Old Street station, followed by a 10-minute walk will get you to Paragon in the total of 13 minutes.

Getting here from Hackney and East London

Take the bus route 48 (London Bridge) or route 55 (Tottenham Court Road), or route 242 (Aldgate). Your stop is Shoreditch Church or Shoreditch Town Hall – from where it’s a couple of minutes walk to our kickboxing gym. This route will take you the total of 20 minutes.

Getting here from Canary Wharf

Option 1: take the DLR towards Bank/ Tower Gateway and change at Shadwell station to Overground going north. Your station is Shoreditch High Street, from which it’s a 3-minute walk to our kickboxing gym! This journey will take you the total of 16 minutes.

Option 2: take the Jubilee line towards Central London and change at Canada Water to Overground going north. Alight at Shoreditch High Street and walk to Paragon for about 3 minutes. This route will take you the total of 15 minutes.

Getting here from London Bridge and Central London

There are several buses going to Paragon from the London Bridge Borough High Street stop: routes 48, 149, 35 and 47. Take any of the northbound buses and alight at either the Shoreditch High Street/Bethnal Green stop or the Shoreditch High Street stop. From there, it’s a 3-minutee walk to our kickboxing gym! This route will take you the total of 17 - 22 minutes.

You can also grab the Northern Line from London Bridge station going north and alight at Old Street station. From there, it’s a 10 minute-walk to Paragon. This route will take in total about 15 minutes.


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