If you’re looking for kickboxing classes in London, Paragon Gym is the perfect place for your kickboxing training! We have group classes, private lessons, sparring sessions and more, led by a carefully selected array of kickboxing trainers, current and former kickboxing champions and other martial arts professionals. We have dedicated classes and sessions for each kickboxing level: beginners, intermediate, advanced and professionals.

What is kickboxing and what type is being taught at Paragon classes?

Kickboxing is a fusion of the most effective fighting techniques found in martial arts and boxing. The Paragon System is based on Western kickboxing, emphasising the use of punches, kicks, sweeps and defence, as opposed to Muay Thai which focuses more on knee strikes, elbows, and clinches. We do however embrace effective techniques from all martial arts as we look to constantly evolve.

What type of kickboxing classes are available at your London location?

At Paragon, we carefully designed our classes to cater to all kickboxing levels.

Learn kickboxing with us!

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If you are just starting, we offer three beginner level foundation kickboxing courses before your red belt grading and progressing to the mixed ability (intermediate) classes. Having completed foundation levels 1-3, students can continue to progress through a five-belt grading system towards the much-coveted black belt. To learn more about our beginner courses, click here.

If you are an advanced Paragon student, we have advanced kickboxing classes every day and a few sparring sessions throughout the week – sign-up for a free taster class now or give us a call on 0203 417 8910, let us assess your level and propose the appropriate classes for you. Moreover, we can also prepare you for an official kickboxing competition, should your ambition be to join our competing team.

What is the age and sex demographic at your kickboxing classes?

Our kickboxing classes equally appeal to both men and women over a wide range of ages – at Paragon everyone is equal and receives the same level of attention, support and respect. We have 50/50 women to men ratio at our kickboxing classes, and while most member’s age is 20s – 40s, we have a few teenagers and a few over 50s.

Is Paragon a kickboxing gym, kickboxing school or a kickboxing club?

Yes. Paragon is a kickboxing gym, but you could also call as a kickboxing school or a kickboxing club. These phrases are interchangeable and mean a few things, such as:

  • we offer comprehensive kickboxing training, from beginners to professionals
  • we have developed our own signature kickboxing system, which we teach to our members
  • we offer internal gradings – from red belt to black
  • our students take active part in representing Paragon at kickboxing championships and competitions
  • we have a matted dojo (training area) - we train in socks or bare feet, no shoes allowed
  • we have a fully equipped gym with all equipment, including punching bags, kick shields, selection of gloves, shin guards, sparring boots, weights and many more.

Last not least, we have a professional sparring ring for everyday use for our students.

Is a kickboxing class a good workout?

Each kickboxing class or a sparring session is very intensive, works all your muscles and is comprised of mixture of cardio exercises, strength, endurance and flexibility. Apart from learning martial arts (which is rewarding in itself), a kickboxing class is a fantastic workout for anyone who looks for an alternative to a standard gym, exercises, running routine, etc. Kickboxing benefits include weight loss, muscle gain, faster metabolism, increased flexibility and cardiovascular endurance – to name a few. In additional to the health and fitness benefits, kickboxing classes are great fun, and also - the time passes very quickly.

How many calories can one kickboxing class burn?

One kickboxing class at Paragon lasts around 1 hour during which most people burn anything from 500 calories, up to 1000 calories. It’s even more if you’re taking part in a sparring session, which are very intensive. Some of our fighters started training with us purely for the weight loss benefits – however, everyone who joins soon becomes a kickboxing convert, and weight loss becomes a secondary side-effect.

What are the prices of the courses, lessons and sparring sessions?

At Paragon, we never charge a joining fee and we have several convenient pricing options. Beginner kickboxing courses are priced differently to a monthly membership, there’s also the pay-as-you-go option. All current kickboxing classes pricings can be found here.

Where are the kickboxing classes held?

All our kickboxing classes are held in our London kickboxing gym in Shoreditch, East London. Paragon is conveniently located in 10-minutes walking proximity from the stations Shoreditch High Street, Hoxton and Old Street, local to famous Shoreditch shops, restaurants, pubs and bars.

What is the timetable of your classes, courses and sparring sessions?

Paragon is running kickboxing classes every day. Our full timetable can be found here. If you’re unsure which class to attend or would like to book a free taster, call us on 0203 417 8910.

Are your kickboxing classes near me?

That depends if you’re from East London! However, wherever you are, our convenient location at Boundary Street, E2, is within many public transport amenities – walking distance from main Shoreditch/ Hoxton/ Old Street stations and a few-minutes bus ride to Liverpool Street, Bethnal Green or Dalston – leaving no excuses to join the Paragon family!

Here are some transport tips from a few key London locations:

The Paragon Gym's full address is: Paragon Gym, Walker House, 6-8 Boundary St, Shoreditch, London E2 7JE

Getting to Paragon kickboxing gym: The City - Bank, Moorgate, Liverpool Street, London Wall

From The City of London - Bus no. 26 direction: Hackney Wick or bus no. 8 direction: Bow Church, alight at the Shoreditch High Street/ Bethnal Green stop, then walk for about 3 minutes to Paragon. Total journey time: about 12 minutes.


Take the Northern Line from Bank or Moorgate to Old street, then walk for about 10 minutes to Paragon. Total journey time: about 13 minutes.

Getting to Paragon kickboxing gym: Hackney and East London

From Hackney and East London - Bus no. 48 direction: London Bridge or bus no. 55 direction: Tottenham Court Road, or bus no. 242 direction: Aldgate. Alight at the stop: Shoreditch Church OR Shoreditch Town Hall, then walk about 2 minutes to Paragon. Total journey time: about 20 minutes.

Getting to Paragon kickboxing gym: Canary Wharf

From Canary Wharf there are 3 quick options:

1. DLR + Overground: DLR direction: Bank or Tower Gateway, change at Shadwell station to Overground direction: northbound. Alight at Shoreditch High Street station, walk to Paragon for about 3 minutes. Total journey time: about 16 minutes.

2. Jubilee line + Overground: take Jubilee Line westbound and change at Canada Water. Take northbound Overground to Shoreditch High Street. Walk to Paragon for about 3 minutes. Total journey time: about 15 minutes.

3. DLR + Bus: Take the DLR to Bank, alight at Bank and take bus no. 26 towards Hackney Wick. Alight at Shoreditch High Street Bethnal Green stop and walk to paragon for about 3 minutes. Total journey time: about 26 minutes.

Getting to Paragon kickboxing gym: London Bridge and Central London

The first option is by bus: from the bus stop London Bridge Borough High Street take any of these northbound buses: 48, 149, 35, 47 and alight at either Shoreditch High Street Bethnal Green stop or Shoreditch High Street bus stop. Then walk for about 3 minutes to Paragon. Total journey time: about 17 - 22 minutes.


Take the northbound northern line from London Bridge station to Old Street station and then walk for about 10 minutes. Total journey time: about 15 minutes.

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