Co-founder and chief instructor at the Paragon Gym, Stuart is regarded as one of the most outstanding competitors in world kickboxing. Having won numerous championships in a career that has stretched over two decades including being crowned world champion at the prestigious WAKO championships in 1997, he was also voted in the same year best pound for pound fighter! In 2010 he repeated this outstanding achievement winning the ISKA full contact world championship and again being voted best pound for pound fighter!.

With over 120 contests both in light-contact and full-contact and a style that has captured the essence of the worlds fastest growing sport, he has achieved exceptional results.

With over 20 years teaching experience and such a formidable competitive CV Stuart remains one of the most humble and approachable instructors. His popularity amongst all of his students is down to his generous commitment to sharing all his knowledge and passion for the sport. Those fortunate enough to manage a weekly slot with him value the progress they have been able to achieve.