Paragon Sports Massage Clinic

Sports massage has been administered at Paragon by qualified and highly experienced practitioner Eddy K Varda since 1996. Eddy has treated students and instructors, as well as others unconnected with the gym, who are frequently referred to him for examination and treatment of occupational as well as sports injuries. Advice on correct exercise, posture and diet is also available.

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What Is Sports Massage?

Sports massage is a form of soft tissue therapy. Using different combinations of stretches and strokes, the trained therapist can relieve pain and identify potential trouble spots to prevent a discomfort turning into an injury. Regular treatments can improve endurance and suppleness. Studies have shown that physical performance can be enhanced significantly as a result of regular treatments.

Why Choose Sports Massage?

Using a range of diagnostic and restorative techniques, Sports Massage can identify a potential problem early and prevent a more serious injury developing. It can relieve muscular spasms, reduce swelling, bruising and muscular adhesion, and increase the scope of motion leading to more rapid healing.

Sports massage is an integral part of the preparation programmes of most professional sports people, teams and clubs. Just as it can help keep professional athletes at their optimal performance levels, it can support and complement the physical routines of anyone engaged in any type of training programme.