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About us

Paragon Gym was founded in 1997 by World Champion Kickboxing brothers, Jonathan, Stuart and Alex Lawson. The concept was to provide a friendly environment where people at all levels could join us on a quest to grow physically and mentally through kickboxing and boxing.

Why train with us?

We have over 25 years' experience of introducing people from all walks of life to the fighting arts of kickboxing and boxing. Whether you're looking to get fit, to find an inspiring community to be a part of, or dream of becoming the next world champion, we have a place for you at our gym. 

We are committed to inspiring and motivating all of our students, regardless of prior experience, technical ability or fitness levels. Everyone is welcome!

Our aim is to help our students learn effective fighting techniques, discipline and control, whilst developing fitness and self-confidence. We welcome beginners looking for a safe learning experience, as well as competition-standard students and fighters alike.

Most importantly, we value the diverse community we have built over the last two decades, and focus on building mutual respect through positive actions.

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